Water Level Sensors

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Water Level Sensors

Measurement Specialties meets your water level control and water level measurement needs with KPSI™, LT and TruBlue™ brand level, temperature and pressure transducers.

We manufacture our media-isolated pressure and temperature sensors to provide our customers with a unique advantage in creative product development, consistent product performance and fast order cycles.

KPSI™ and LT brand water level transducers are available in custom level and pressure ranges with a wide choice of accuracies, materials, and cabling, plus digital and analog outputs. TruBlue™ Data Loggers are self-powered with onboard memory for long term deployment.

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TruBlue™ 575 Baro
The MEAS TruBlue 575 Baro is an absolute non-submersible pressure transducer providing local atmospheric pressure data that...
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