Vibration Sensors

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Vibration Sensors

Measurement Specialties is a leading global provider of accelerometers and vibration sensing know-how for applications in Aircraft Design & TestingAutomotive Design & Testing, Automotive Safety Testing, Machine & Structure Monitoring and Motorsport. We offer both DC-Response (Static) and AC-Response (Dynamic) types of accelerometers to meet your different needs.

There are two classes of accelerometers: AC-response and DC-response types. In an AC-response accelerometer, as the name implies, the output is AC coupled. An AC coupled device cannot be used to measure static acceleration such as gravity and constant centrifugal acceleration. It is only suitable for measuring dynamic events. A DC-response accelerometer, on the other hand, is DC coupled, and responds down to zero Hertz. It therefore can be used to measure static, as well as dynamic acceleration. Choosing the right kind can make a critical difference in your application. Learn more about accelerometer selection.

The Vibration Sensor Group offers approved Accelerometer Calibration services in North America, Europe and Asia.

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The Model 7101A is a miniature, high performance IEPE accelerometer available in ±50g to ±1000g dynamic ranges. The accelerometer...
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