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July 2011

Company News
MEAS Acquires Eureka Environmental

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Eureka Environmental, a manufacturer of multi-parameter instruments for in-situ analyses of natural waters worldwide was acquired by Measurement Specialties, Inc. July 8, 2011. Frank Guidone, Company CEO commented, "Eureka, while small, has an extremely competitive design that challenges the top players in the global market. With our manufacturing and sales resources, we can build share rapidly in a market driven by demand on the world's fragile water supplies."

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New Product Announcement
Fast Response Pipe Clamp Temperature Probe

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Featuring an operating temperature range of -40°C to +125°C, this sensor has a tolerance of ±1°C over the range 25°C to 85°C.A metal clip is attached to the over-molded copper probe housing allowing the sensor to be easily installed or detached from the pipe. This two-wire probe easily interfaces to widely-available instrumentation and can be customized to optimize thermal response.

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New Product Announcement
Unique Seat Pad Accelerometer Measures Human Body Response

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The Model 606M1 triaxial seat pad accelerometer measures both static and dynamic responses. This ergonomically shaped thin profile is well suited for characterizing whole human body vibration in accordance with ISO 2631-1 and ISO 8041. The DC response of the silicon MEMS sensors is the key to yielding accurate velocity and displacement results from the raw acceleration data.

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Featured Application
Telescope Relies on GC Series Heavy-Duty Gage Head

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MEAS GC-485 Gage Head with RS-485 I/O accurately closes the loop in a new system that controls the movements of the segments which focus the antenna of the Large Millimeter Telescope (LMT). Located in Chalchicomula de Sesma, Mexico, the LMT is the world's largest and most sensitive single-aperture telescope for radio waves in the 0.85 to 4mm wavelength range. Other versions of this sensor are the GCA, the high temperature version (AC LVDT), and GCD (DC), GCD-SE (DC single-ended), and GCT (4-20mA), which have built-in signal conditioning and are CE certified. 

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Featured Application
Intra Uterine Pressure Sensing and Child Birth

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The 1630 disposable pressure sensor is being used by a medical OEM for intra uterine pressure sensing. Its long and narrow footprint makes it easy for insertion into the uterus to measure the contraction frequency/amplitudes prior to child birth. This sensor is gel coated to prevent direct contact with amniotic fluids and meets AAMI requirements to ensure compatibility with existing monitors. The medical OEM completed the application with their own tubing and connector.

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Engineer's Corner
MS5607 Featured in Sensor Report Magazine

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Dr. Norbert Rauch of Amsys recently published an article in Sensor Report describing how altitude can be measured with impressive resolution using MEAS ultra-miniature silicon MS5607 combination pressure/temperature sensor.

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