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December 2011

Company News
MEAS Acquires Celesco Transducer Products, Inc.

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Celesco is the leading designer and manufacturer of cable extension 'string pots' to the mobile hydraulic/off-road, medical and test & measurement markets. Their quick-response capabilities and commitment to supply semi-custom and custom solutions fits well with Measurement Specialties’ customer-centered approach to the sensor marketplace. Just prior to the Celesco acquisition, MEAS expanded its technological base by entering in to an exclusive license agreement with Sentelligence to gain access to their patented optical spectral technology. 

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Company News
MEAS Acquires Gentech International

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On October 31, 2011, Measurement Specialties acquired Gentech International Limited ("Gentech"), a designer and manufacturer of position sensors used largely for tank liquid level measurement, including urea tank level in heavy truck SCR systems, for approximately £6.5 million. Gentech has achieved rapid growth as a result of supplying a variety of sensors to the heavy truck market, including SCR sensors for on-road and off-road vehicles to meet legislated emissions requirements. The synergies with MEAS in terms of engineering expertise and China-based manufacturing will allow MEAS to scale more aggressively and better serve its customers.

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New Product Announcement
Fluid Property Sensor for Detecting Water in Oils

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The HTM2500B3C4OIL fluid property sensor measures dissolved water in oil. This is critical data for oil system management as water contamination can cause severe mechanical damages due to degradation of lubricant properties.

View the HTM2500B3C4OIL product page and datasheet

Featured Product
MEAS Transducers Earn ANSI-NSF-61 Certification

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Selected models of our economical, high performing MicroFuse™ pressure sensors are UL certified to ANSI-NSF-61 making them safe for use in potable water and food industries. These rugged, easily installable devices have no welds or o-rings ensuring leak-free performance, and no crevices for accumulation of contamination.

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Featured Application
Low Noise, High Resolution Triaxial Accelerometer for Bridge Monitoring

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The Model 4332 was chosen to monitor an aging bridge in the Pacific Northwest of the United States for swaying caused by ocean breezes. This device was specifically designed for motion analysis in low frequency commercial and military applications such as building monitoring, bridge safety, rail car comfort, off-road testing and tunnels. 

 View the Model 4332 product page and datasheet

Featured Application
Navigation Satellites Use MEAS High Reliability Thermistors

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Measurements Specialties, Inc.’s NTC Space Qualified High Reliability (HIREL) thermistors are being used for electronic temperature control and compensation on two Galileo navigation satellites that were recently launched October 20, 2011. When completed, this European satellite navigation system will consist of 30 satellites.


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Engineer's Corner
Angle Measurement Using Magneto Resistive Sensor Technology

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This technical paper focuses upon using magneto resistive technology for precise angle measurements. Commonly used in automation and robotic applications, this technology features excellent accuracy, good repeatability and fast response time. Readers will be particularly interested in the guidelines for sensor installation and use, circuit design tips and signal evaluation methodology.

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