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April 2011

Company News
Sensors for Water Measurement Applications

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Measurement Specialties Inc. has recently established a new division that focuses on sensors for instrumentation and sensors for water and liquid level measurements. With its family of above-ground and submersible sensors, this division will be working co-operatively with federal/state and local government agencies, universities, architects, engineers, contractors and fabricators to find cost-effective solutions to their water measurement applications.

New Product Announcement
D5100 True Wet/Wet Differential Pressure Transducer

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The rugged D5100 can withstand up to 50g shock/20g vibration, has excellent stability and outstanding linearity of ±0.1%. It features a -40°C to +125°C operating temperature range and offers a broad variety of outputs, fittings and electrical configurations. Applications include, but are not limited to, process controls, tank level, filter performance, corrosive fluids monitoring, gas measurement systems and flow measurements.Learn more about our Pressure Sensor D5100

New Product Announcement
Thermopile Sensors for All Industries

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Measurement Specialties Inc. has just released to production a new generation of thermopile sensors. These thermopile sensors are particularly suited for the measurement of surface temperatures because their non-contact technology avoids heat loss and additional thermal mass due to the sensor. Sensors are available with digital or analog outputs and are calibrated prior to shipment.Browse our full line of Temperature Sensors

New Application Announcement
Model 4600 Accelerometer Used in Development of Solar Powered Airplane

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The Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne in Switzerland is using Measurement Specialties Inc.'s Model 4600 for ground testing of the Solar Impulse. This is a long-range solar powered plane that hopes to be the first fixed-wing, piloted aircraft to circle the globe using only solar power. The Model 4600 was selected due to its high accuracy, ease of mounting and low noise, amplified output. Learn more about our Model 4600 Accelerometer

New Application Announcement
Miniature Pressure Sensor Monitors Corrosive Liquid

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The EPXO pressure sensor was employed in a robotics process of a parallel processing chemical reactants lab to measure upstream pressures of hydrochloric acid. Its flush diaphragm design and custom Hastelloy C-22 construction were critical factors in making this measurement. Learn more about our Pressure Sensor EPXO

Engineer's Corner
Technology Supports Sensors with Digital Output

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The low power consumption of digital sensors have made them very popular with battery-powered, wireless, energy-harvesting and bus (I2C & SPI) applications. The technology and product guide to MEAS digital sensors provides an easy-to-use overview for engineers interested in both OEM and T&M solutions to their sensing needs.


Download our Digital Sensors Overview document