RTD Company is now Measurement Specialties

RTD Company, Inc. was purchased by Measurement Specialties in October 2012 and has maintained the primary site and staff in Minnesota.  We continue to be a technological leader in the design and manufacture of engineered temperature sensors and probes used in motors, generators, medical, aerospace, OEM and industrial applications.  You can contact us at +1 763-689-4870 or +1 800-899-9783 or sales.hmlk.us@meas-spec.com to place an order, inquire about our products, or get technical support.

RTD Company products are now located in our Temperature Sensors area.

RTD Probes

Stator RTD Sensors
Surface RTD Sensors
General RTD Probes
Tip Sensitive RTD Probes
Industrial RTD Probes
Air Sensing RTD Probes
Averaging RTD Probes
Increased Safety Sensors    
Sanitary RTD Probes 

RTD Assemblies

RTD Assemblies
Explosionproof RTD Assemblies 

Thermocouple Assemblies

Thermocouple Assemblies
Explosionproof Thermocouple Assemblies   

RTD Wire Wound & Thin Film Elements     

RTD Wire Wound Elements 
RTD Thin Film Elements 


General Thermocouples
Stator Thermocouples 
Surface Thermocouples 
Tip Sensitive Thermocouples 
Industrial Thermocouples 

Our full line of sensors:

Fluid Property Sensors 

Force Sensors 

Humidity Sensors 

Mass Air Flow Sensors 

Photo Optic Sensors 

Piezo Film Sensors 

Position Sensors 

Pressure Sensors 

Scanners and Systems 

Temperature Sensors 

Torque Sensors 

Traffic Sensors 

Ultrasonic Sensors 

Vibration Sensors 

Water Level Sensors 

Water Quality Sensors 

Test and Measurement Sensors 

Test and Measurement Systems 


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