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Pressure Sensor - MS767

Applications: High resolution absolute sensor systems, Tire pressure measurements, Electronic scales




Description: The sensor element of the MS767 consists of a silicon micro-machined membrane. Implanted resistors make use of the piezo-resistive effect to sense the membrane deflection and transform it in an electrical signal. This sensor, which has outstanding span values, is available in various configurations. The absolute pressure sensor employs a sealed vacuum reference cavity underneath the membrane. Borosilicate glass wafer used for this sealing has a thickness of 0.2 mm (MS767-A_0.2) or 0.5 mm (MS767-A_0.5). There are two gauge versions available: one with a drilled borosilicate glass (MS767-D) and the other without borosilicate glass (MS767-S).


• 0 to 7 bar range (102 PSI)
• High sensitivity (392mV @ 5V)
• Absolute sensor
• Small Die size 1.62 x 1.48 mm
• High reliability, Low Cost

For custom high volume applications only. Contact factory to speak to one of our application engineers.
(doc ref: 000007672832 - DA767)

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