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Position Sensor - KMA36

Applications: Industrial environment, Harsh environment, Handling machine, Machine tools, Robotics, Potentiometer, Motor motion control

Industries: Engine and Vehicle, General Industry


Datasheet: KMA36

Description: The KMA36 is a universal magnetic encoder for precise rotational or linear measurement. These digital position sensors feature a system-on-chip technology that combines a magnetoresistive element along with analog to digital converter and signal processing in a standard small package. By using Anisotropic Magneto Resistive (AMR) technology, the KMA36 is able to determine contactlessly the magnetic angle of an external magnet over 360°, as well as the incremental position on a magnetic pole strip with 5 mm pole length. Its sleep and low power mode as well as automatic wake-up over I2C – make the KMA36 ideal for many battery applications. Position data can be transmitted using a PWM or digital two-wire (SDA, SCL) communication bus. Using the programmable parameters of this digital position sensor, the user can have access to a wide range of configuration to ensure the maximum of freedom and functionalities. Used as both a linear position sensor or a rotary position sensor, these KMA36 magnetoresistive sensors designed by MEAS (Measurement Specialties) are insensitive to magnetic drift due to mechanical tolerances, changes in temperature or thermal stress. The maintenance-free operation and high bandwidth of this universal magnetic encoder and Position Sensor makes it a good choice for dynamic applications in harsh environments. Measurement Specialties designed the universal magnetic encoder KMA36 to replace the less precise Hall-Effect position sensors that are often susceptible to external noise. As a robust Position Sensors the Measurement Specialties KMA36 can also replace more fragile optical encoders whose bearings are subject to failure.


  • Contactless Absolute 360° (180°) angle measurement  
  • Incremental mode 
  • Linear mode 
  • Standard I2C Interface (100 kHz) 
  • Programmable resolution up to 13 bit (0.04 degree)  



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KMA36 - White Paper77407-27-2012
KMA36 - White Paper - Japanese106907-15-2014

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