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Magneto Resistive Sensors

Anisotropic Magneto Resistive or AMR sensors offer robust non-contact measurement of changes in the magnetic field as seen by the sensor. This effect allows for the creation of sensors that can detect disturbances ranging from extremely weak fields, as found in traffic detection sensors, to strong field sensors that are used in precision encoders.


Also available: MR_Basics, MR_Angle_WhitePaper, MR_Rotational Measurement with H-Magnet 

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Position Sensor - KMA36 KMA36 Datasheet Analog voltage, I2C 0° - 360°
Position Sensor - KMT32B Magnetic Angle Sensor KMT32B Datasheet Sin/cosine with 10mV/V 0°-180°
Position Sensor - KMT36H 360° Angular Sensor KMT36H Datasheet Sin/cosine with 10mV/V 0°-360°
Position Sensor - KMY Linear Magnetic Field Sensor KMY Datasheet 8 (mV/V)/(kA/m) typical -3 to +3 kA/m
Position Sensor - KMZ Linear Magnetic Field Sensor KMZ Datasheet 8 (mV/V)/(kA/m) typical -3 to +3 kA/m
Position Sensor - KMZ10CM Linear Field Sensor KMZ10CM Datasheet 8 (mV/V)/(kA/m) typical -6 to +6 kA/m
Position Sensor - MLS Magnetic Length Sensor MLS Datasheet Sin/cosine with 10mV/V up to 1µm
Position Sensor - MR174B Linear Magnetic Field Sensor MR174B Datasheet 8 (mV/V)/(kA/m) typical -3 to +3 kA/m
Position Sensor - MRLF100 MRLF100 Datasheet Wide range of digital and analog interfaces 0 to 100mm
Position Sensor - MS32 Switching Sensor MS32 Datasheet 2 (mV/V)/(kA/m) typical 2kAm switch