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Measurement Specialties has proven capabilities supplying sensors to the OEM Medical marketplace for critical medical applications. Using FDA registered and ISO 13485 certified facilities around the world for medical device manufacturing, allows us to meet stringent market specific quality requirements while providing best possible pricing. Our world-wide engineering team allows full support from product concept through manufacturing.

We provide off-the-shelf and customized sensor solutions for medical applications including:

  • Infusion and Syringe PumpsPressure Sensors, Force Sensors and MR Position Sensors are used to detect occlusions, bag volume, flow rate and needle position. 
  • Anesthesia Machines, Respirators and VentilatorsPressure Sensors, Temperature Sensors, and Humidity Sensors are used to monitor and regulate gas flow and gas conditions to provide improved patient outcomes.
  • Patient MonitoringDisposable Blood Pressure Sensors, IR non-contact Temperature Sensors, disposable and reusable Temperature Probes and SpO2 Sensors are supplied for use with multi-parameter patient monitors. Sterile packaging, private labeling and customization are available as well as sub-assemblies or fully FDA registered, CE/MDD approved devices.
  • Patient Treatment – From miniature sensors to monitor temperature in ablation treatments for cancer or cardiac arrhythmia to Pressure Sensors and Temperature Sensors used in Dialysis Machines, the range of sensor applications in new patient treatment applications continue to expand.
  • Multi-Parameter Sensors - Include those applications requiring customized sensors that utilize our in-house expertise to incorporate multiple base sensor technologies to meet customer specific application requirements. Multi-Sensor platforms may include a combination of Pressure, Temperature, Humidity, Position, Force, Piezo Film, or additional sensor capabilities as they are developed.
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