HL Planartechnik is now Measurement Specialties

HL Planartechnik GmbH located in Dortmund, Germany was purchased by Measurement Specialties in November 2005. HL Planar has a production and development facility with a Silicon MEMS fab in the heart of Germany’s technology corridor. HL Planar specializes in thin-film metallization processes, producing sensors in four main categories: (1) infrared thermopiles used in appliance, automobile, medical and other applications for non-contacting temperature measurement; (2) magneto-resistive sensors that measure changes in magnetic fields to determine position, angle, rotation or current; (3) mass air flow (MAF) sensors to measure the changes in air flow and other gases for use in automotive, medical and industrial applications; (4) MEMS-based inclination sensors for the precise measurement of level, angle or tilt in construction equipment, automobile and aerospace applications.

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