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April 2012

New Product Announcement
Measurement Specialties Inc. Launches New LT Submersible Level Transducers Line

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Get rugged level transducers built by the people who know measurement, but priced for maximum value. Measurement Specialties' new LTA and LTB submersible level transducers are ideal for such pump control applications as lift stations, tank level, bypass, wellpoint and construction pumping.


You can find the LTA/LTB datasheet here.

New Product Announcement
Measurement Specialties Inc. Launches New High Accuracy SDI-12 Digital Output KPSI 350 Series Level Transducers

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MEAS recently launched the KPSI 350 Series of small bore 3/4" diameter submersible level transducers that feature an SDI-12 communications interface. This is the standard interface for data recorders with microprocessor-based sensors for environmental data monitoring and collection.

The KPSI 351 features an accuracy of ±0.01 ft H2O when reading 10 feet of water or less and ±0.10% ft H2O when reading more than 10 feet of water, and is designed to meet the highest accuracy standards set by the USGS. The KPSI 353 features an accuracy of 0.10% full scale TEB and the KPSI 355 features an accuracy of 0.05% full scale TEB.

These submersible transducers are ideal for applications that require battery-powered operation with minimal current drain and lower system costs. Typical applications include groundwater monitoring, down-hole monitoring, surface water monitoring, stage monitoring, oceanographic research, tailrace and forebay monitoring.

You can find the KPSI 350 Series datasheets here.

Featured Application
Water Level Sensing Using the Hydrostatic Technique

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Water level monitoring is an important parameter in many municipal, environmental and process applications. In each case, the measurement technique and the hardware required must be carefully chosen to insure the data provided is sufficiently accurate and that instrumentation operates reliably and with minimal maintenance. With few exceptions, the hydrostatic measurement technique has been proven to be one of the simplest, most trouble-free and cost-effective methods available.

 See MEAS' application note on water level sensing using the hydrostatic technique here.

Featured Application
Lift Stations

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Lift stations or pumping stations are designed to store raw sewage collected from underground pipelines. Sewage is accumulated in these pits (wet walls) which are equipped with electrical monitoring instrumentation to detect the level of sewage. The sewage is then evacuated to treatment plants via process pumps. Submersible transducers are typically part of the monitoring system that requires high reliability and low maintenance.

 See MEAS' application note on lift stations here.

Engineer's Corner
KPSI Digital Series User's Manual Updated

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The KPSI Digital Series User's Manual has been updated to include the new KPSI 351, 353 and 355 high accuracy small-bore submersible level transducers with SDI-12 communications interface. The KPSI 351 is designed to meet the highest accuracy standards set by the USGS. In addition, the new KPSI 380 Temperature Transducer is included with this release. The KPSI 380 represents a new standard in high accuracy temperature transducers, also with SDI-12 communications interface.

 View the updated KPSI Digital Series User's Manual here.