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The Temperature Products Group has been located in Dayton Ohio since 1952. It is a leading provider of high precision NTC thermistors and probe assemblies, providing sales, marketing and applications support, as well as manufacturing expertise for the full line of temperature sensing components and probes.

This group has specialized in critical temperature measurement applications and can proudly represent key “firsts” in the medical industry - electronic thermometers and thermistor probes - dating back to the introduction in 1952 of the Model 40 telethermometer and 401 type probe. This instrument is generally recognized as the first practical thermometer for the measurement of deep internal human body temperature. It was developed by YSI along with a pioneering heart-lung machine to meet a critical instrumentation need in the practice of early experimental open heart surgery.

Dayton specializes in critical temperature measurement for Biomedical, Hi-Rel, Aerospace, Communications, and Industrial applications. Core competencies are sensor technology and data integrity focusing on mission-critical components that are part of larger system where failure is not an option. Focus is in the high-quality, high-precision segment of the market, offering the most reliable thermistor components available. High standards are a top priority, ensuring the quality of our products in your applications.

With this experience and market knowledge, Dayton has built upon the inherent NTC thermistors and offer the following skills and capabilities to design engineers:

  • High accuracy temperature solutions – interchangeability
  • Tolerances as tight as : ±0.05°C
  • Miniaturized thermistors - Minimum OD: 0.35mm
  • Customization - Product offerings are available in a range of resistance values, curves and mechanical configurations
  • Design flexibility - Rapid sampling and prototyping
  • Competitive Pricing - Global manufacturing and supply
  • Quality Standards – ISO 9001; ISO 13485; AS9100  
  • FDA/CE registered
  • MDD registered

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